You should use the shadow method in the Streaming API for this.
Contact to get access.

Also, there's already a Twitter to Facebook integration. You should
consider why you need to duplicate this already functional system. Any
API based approach isn't going to forward private accounts, for

-John Kalucki
Services, Twitter Inc.

On Aug 12, 7:10 am, murphy <> wrote:
> We are building a suite of applications for Facebook Pages and one of
> the features is integration of user's twitter status updates into
> their facebook page feed. Thus the need to get a lot of users' twitter
> statuses at reasonable intervals.
> Looking at the API documentation there seems to be 3 ways to do that:
> 1. Use the streaming API. The 'follow' method looks good but allows
> only 200 users to be followed. How hard is it to get approved for the
> 'shadow' method?
> 2. Have a bot follow the users' accounts and get their updates with
> 'statuses/friends_timeline'. That allows up to 200 statuses to be
> retrieved every 30 seconds (to stay within the 150 calls per hour
> limit). This will probably do until we get a number of users ( I'd say
> more than 20 000). After that there will be updates cut off because of
> the 200 statuses per call limit.
> 3. Use the search API.
> e.g.
> from:user2...
> Now the query can be only 140 characters long and with the rate limit
> for search API calls, this approach will probably not work well (if at
> all).
> Any suggestions and comments how to approach this are appreciated.
> Slav Ivanov

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