Hi all,

I'm looking for a few developers to help me test the API I have built
for http://twicli.com (content sharing & user tagging)

The API's work as you would expect with each content type (photo,
video, audio) having an 'upload' and 'uploadAndTweet' method.

The backend of the API is actually fine, I just don't have an app to
test it with. I have simulated sending requests using PHP but I'm
unsure whether the results will be the same when the photo/video data
is sent via iPhone or Adobe AIR. Does anyone know what format a photo
posted via an app is sent in? Binary data?

I don't want to release the API publicly without actually testing it
first so any help is appreciated and I'll offer free advertising on
both www.picli.com and www.twicli.com

I'm also working on various get methods aswell as post. Seemingly most
content sharing apps I've seen only seem to offer methods to upload
content through their API rather than request data about a specific
piece of content. I plan to build a method that will deliver detailed
information including users who have been tagged into the photo (for

Anyway, if anyone's willing to help that would be fantastic and I will
return the favour.

-Sam http://twitter.com/sampicli

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