I have checked the twitter forum and this bug is not present.

My problem is a bug/problem.
I run a twitter follower counter on my account- @mrlandmark. This
service sends a tweet out when a follower gets so many followers
themselves. However since july 23rd when you did some updates i have
bee having this particular problem. The problem is that, with the api
calls, i get 100 followers on each page. It only recovers to page 101.
After that it comes up blank. This can be mirrored when you check my
twitter page on the web-
http://twitter.com/Mrlandmark/followers?page=501 (ok, good)

http://twitter.com/Mrlandmark/followers?page=502 (empty, no user)

This only started happening on july 23rd, it is not to do with the
changes in followers numbers, i have over 19k followers so i should be
getting 193 pages when api calling. Before this update i was getting
all the pages with no problems. Can you gove me advice to fix this or
as i suspect this is a problem on your end? I have search google and
many other people have this same problem.

This is particularly important to me because my service relies on
checking my followers every hour to make updates. With it stuck at
page 101, it means that the people who followed me first will have no
use for my service as i cannot check it.

Thanks in advance!

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