Morning all,

I have just added this idea to Get Satisfaction (
that I think will be of interest to many of you:

"Please add support for the rel=shortlink (
shortlink) standard so that Twtiter can detect short links from the
site (HTTP headers and/or HTML code) rather than having to manufacture
them itself using,, etc. This results in better
quality (less opaque), more reliable links in a way that doesn't hurt
the Internet." have just announced ( that they have
added rel=shortlink links to the HTTP headers and HTML HEAD of their 7
million hosted blogs (totaling well over 100 million pages) and this
is in addition to a number of other high profile sites such as
and Ars Technica.

It also just got a lot more interesting for clients to support the
standard as doing so allows them to get better/faster/cheaper short
links that will be at least as reliable as the site itself. A recent
Pingdom report revealed shortener overheads running into many hundreds
of milliseconds and yet in-house shorteners (especially those on the
same domain) can have a negligible performance impact.


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