1. When Twitter is having issues (like the recent DDoS attacks), OAuth
tends to suffer.  Basic Auth appears to hold up in these situations.

2. OAuth gives you the same access to the API that Basic Auth does.

3. OAuth requires that all requests to the API be signed as per the
OAuth spec, so implementing OAuth has implications beyond just the
authentication process.

4. Yes, you should probably start implementing OAuth.  Twitter has
stated its desire to eventually deprecate Basic Auth.

On Aug 20, 5:08 am, vinay <vinay0123456...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm planning to incorporate the Oauth in my application. But I would
> like to know the following things.
> 1. How about Oauth stability/reliability comparing with basic auth?
> 2. Is there any limitation specific to Oauth?
> 3. Is there any difference between Oauth and basic auth except the
> authentication process?
> 4. Shall we start develop application in Oauth?
> Please let me know ASAP.

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