We just built and released an application to allow users to schedule
tweets.  We've also in short time built a nice little following and
then all of a sudden our account was suspended a day and half ago, out
of the blue, no warning even though our app has been "whitelisted".
Since we can't seem to get any response from Twitter, we did some
searching on our end and we think that one of our users abused our app
and was sending out tweets considered as spam by Twitter.  Here are my

1) How the heck do you get your account "unsuspended", we've contested
the suspension via the help desk form but it does not appear anyone at
Twitter looks at these or responds to them in any timely fashion.

2) Doesn't it seem reasonable that if you have a "whitelisted"
application you should at least be given the benefit of the doubt and
be given some kind of warning to correct the problem or abuse
infraction before Twitter just pulls the plug on your app?  How is a
legitimate company supposed to operate if Twitter just goes around
dropping apps at their will with no communication or warning (Even
Google isn't this draconian).  There is also obviously some favortisim
at Twitter going on with certain vendors because I cannot believe
sites such as Tweetlater, TweetDeck or other major twitter apps who
have hundreds of thousands of users do not have a few users from time
to time that abuse Twitter's Spamming policy and I'm pretty certain
that Twitter doesn't just go and suspend their accounts without any
warning whatsoever, I'm pretty sure if they have a major abuser they
get some kind of warning or heads up.  Why isn't Twitter being
consistent in their approach to all vendors, how are other vendors
suppose to achieve the same type of success if thier apps get shut
down out of the blue and ruin their reputation with their existing

Please..someone at Twitter HELP...we need to get our application
unsuspended, how do we accomplish this???

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