Hi guys,

I am currently testing a library for using the track API in order to
make sure that I'm following all the rules exposed on the docs. While
running against the real API I have noticed sporadic messages in the


According to the docs:

[q]Track streams may also contain limitation notices, where the
integer track is an enumeration of statuses that matched the track
predicate but were administratively limited. [/q]

I am not very sure that I'm correctly interpreting the above text as:

1. the "track" value seems to always be a single value
2. the "track" value seems to be growing in time
3. the "track" value doesn't seem to be a twitter message id

Could you please clarify a bit the meaning of these messages?

Many thanks in advance,


PS: I've asked John (@jkalucki) about this and while I've got an
answer from him (thanks a bunch John), I'm still not sure I'm getting

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