Perhaps my question isn't clear enough.

Prior to recently - my application was already WhiteListed and given
"from APP NAME" status for tweets pushes out from my application.
However - now I have implemented oAuth AND http auth on my site - and
want the oAuth and http auth to both output the same application name.

Right now the HTTP AUTH outputs "posted from Taste Live" and the OAuth
outputs "posted from TasteLive!". I would like to make the two output
the same.

Can this be done?


On Aug 27, 12:50 pm, Raffi Krikorian <> wrote:
> > When a user of your OAuth application uses your application, the
> > "Source" parameter is automatically populated by Twitter - you don't
> > need to set it.  Twitter uses your ConsumerKey/ConsumerKeySecret to
> > look up your application name in its database.
> > Only tweets that come from the OAuth sessions will have the source set
> > correctly.  The others will show up as "From API".
> > We really need this as a FAQ. :)
> FAQ#HowdoIget“fromMyApp”appendedtoupdatessentfrommyAPIapplication
> :P
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