I'll try to give more details.
I'm sending tweets using oAuth from a c# .NET desktop client! Tweets
with normal, text in English or without special characters like
á,é,í,ó ã, õ, ç. To send the tweet, I enconde it to UTF8 and use
oAuth Web Request... Sometimes, tweets with the special characters
don't return 401 Erros as response.... but sometimes return, i don't
understant this.

If i change de Enconde to UTF7, 32... the same tweet that get a 401
using utf8, don't get the error now... but in the twitter page, the
tweet is with symbols.... becose is using an other encode.

On Aug 30, 6:11 pm, Peter Denton <> wrote:
> Hi Andreo,
> First, bumping up posts is considered rude and often times people will not
> help because of bumping your post.
> Second, please supply *header responses* and as much specific technical
> information as possible.  That will help the smart people on this list solve
> your problem. What you described in your first post is too vague for someone
> to know what the problem is.
> Regards
> Peter
> On Sun, Aug 30, 2009 at 11:29 AM, Andreo Vieira <> wrote:
> > Nedd help please!
> > On Aug 29, 1:01 pm, Andreo Vieira <> wrote:
> > > I need some help.... Sorry for my English(I'm from Brazil).
> > > I'm developing one program using oAuth and c# twitter library...
> > > Everything works fine except when I try to send an update using
> > > characters like 'ç'... I make some tests and I have strange results...
> > > e.g: When I send an update "Vou Almoçar!" (I'm going to have lunch) I
> > > get error 401 Unauthorized... but if simply send 'ç' as update I don't
> > > get the 401 error...But there is another problem. If i change the 'ç'
> > > to 'c' I don't get the error too.
> > > Someone help?

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