Thanks for the info, but this is a desktop app that runs on users'
machines. The 20K whitelist would apply.

On Aug 30, 3:47 am, "Jim Renkel" <> wrote:
> Would 20,000 API GET requests per hour be sufficient for your
> application? If you are checking for spammers rather than being one, I
> would think twitter would gladly white-list you!
> Jim Renkel
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> Subject: [twitter-dev] Getting screen name from user id without rate
> limit
> I'm trying to develop a twitter app that checks if someone is a
> spammer. I have the userid, but to get the screenname I have to 
> call<userid> which causes a limit
> request.  Once I have the screen name I could get the data I need
> without a limit request. Does anyone know a way to get the screen name
> from a user Id without incurring a rate limit charge?- Hide quoted text -
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