Woke up this morning to find that several of our users have written in
noting that friendship actions taken through our application are not

We confirmed this problem, across multiple IPs and multiple different
apps.  Friendships/create works inconsistently: about 30% of the time
they work as expected, and the new friends immediately appear in
friends/ids API call, as well as when logging into Twitter.com and
looking at the new friends pages (we see "following").

Another 30% appear to be delayed for several hours, during which time
a call to friends/ids does NOT show new friends' ids (nor on
Twitter.com).  Another 30% appears to be lost forever (or severely

All of these friendship creates are returning no errors.

A search of "@twitterapi" on Twitter indicates that this is a (fairly)
widespread problem.

Can Twitter give us some idea as to when this problem will be
resolved?  Any chance you can also add a status update for this
problem so we can point users to that page?

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