I too am seeing a similar issue.  I have had a lot of users say that this is
occurring even going so far to raise chargebacks against my service.

I also notice that friendships/create often returns a 200 but the response
is empty, when normally you get the information about the person being
followed.  I am ignoring the blank responses for now, but I don't know if
that is correct as I can't tell if these are followed or not bearing in mind
that even if user information is returned the user still might not be


2009/8/31 PJB <pjbmancun...@gmail.com>

> Woke up this morning to find that several of our users have written in
> noting that friendship actions taken through our application are not
> working.
> We confirmed this problem, across multiple IPs and multiple different
> apps.  Friendships/create works inconsistently: about 30% of the time
> they work as expected, and the new friends immediately appear in
> friends/ids API call, as well as when logging into Twitter.com and
> looking at the new friends pages (we see "following").
> Another 30% appear to be delayed for several hours, during which time
> a call to friends/ids does NOT show new friends' ids (nor on
> Twitter.com).  Another 30% appears to be lost forever (or severely
> lagged).
> All of these friendship creates are returning no errors.
> A search of "@twitterapi" on Twitter indicates that this is a (fairly)
> widespread problem.
> Can Twitter give us some idea as to when this problem will be
> resolved?  Any chance you can also add a status update for this
> problem so we can point users to that page?

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