Last night when this thing hit I actually immediately thought about
you and wondered how it impacted you.

I'm now thanking my lucky stars that I don't do mass unfollow. I do
have the "unfollow those who unfollow me" feature, but I have limited
it to a maximum of 10 unfollows every 8 hours, even if the API said
that more people have unfollowed the user. That safety valve has
seriously saved my butt this time.


On Sep 5, 3:06 pm, Jesse Stay <> wrote:
> Again, I can't stress this enough - when bugs like this are introduced, it
> is imperative that follow limits are also removed temporarily (or on a
> case-by-case basis) so we can make this up to our users.  I've already had
> to issue refunds to a couple due to this.  If you need me to send you the
> usernames John let me know.
> Jesse

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