You can do this with just one or two connections. There's a section in
the wiki with some practical advice on updating predicates:

-John Kalucki
Services, Twitter Inc.

On Sep 8, 10:08 am, Sonam Singh <> wrote:
> My problem is that ,
> In my app,I want the users statuses to be retrieved from the point
> they join my app..and there is chance of million of users .
> I'll process those statuses for some specific data(secret :)).
> The most obvious solution that looks to me is that:
> using twitter stream api and using filter method with follow
> paramters.
> But i think this would lead to creating hundreds of connections to api/
> method and listening to them continously if they have made a tweet
> which is a bad practice,..And also probably will block my app..
> Does u guys can suggest any solution.. ?

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