We have an issue with some accounts being active for a brief while and
then going dead. We are using the streaming API and the REST API for
our application.

Streaming API doesn't notify me in any way, if the account I was
following becomes dead. Example: http://twitter.com/warped09 - this
existed till a few days back - now its dead. Is there some way you
could give a status update on this event (account going dead), if its
in our follow list?

The REST API returns with a message that looks like this:
screen_name=warped09&count=5","error":"This method requires
authentication."} - the error message is completely irrelevant to the
actual error of the account being dead. I verified - it isn't an
authentication issue, I can get responses from valid accounts using
the same program.  Could you modify the error message to reflect the
real error ? Or was this an one-off case? I need to design the
application accordingly to realize that the account has been deleted /
has become dead.

Lakshmi  Naarayanan R

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