I'm not developer, but couldn't find better place to report. I looked
around to see if this issue as been submited but not seen. The
folowing discussion is from 2 weeks ago (forgot to report). The issue
is that if you don't put space at the end of link, the bracket is sent
to bit.ly engine for encoding. Here's a mail discussion adressed to
bit.ly support:

Using twitter, i sent a text that was:
Cool Tuesday. idk what to do, so i do nothing :). (jodie foster fan

and as turned (automatic feature) into:
Cool Tuesday. idk what to do, so i do nothing :). (jodie foster fan

...string that make the link errornous. Do you think I need to adress
my suggestion to twitter instead ?
Yes, you need to ask twitter to fix that. They are using our api, but
obviously, they are encoding the ")" after the .jpg. Thanks for
letting us know, but yes, this is a twitter issue.

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