I completely agree with the sentiment as stated, but have a question.
Does the URL shortening happen only for tweets entered at twitter.com?
Or does it also happen for tweets created via the API? The former is a
twitter UI issue, and if they want to shorten tweets, well, that's their
But shortening URLs in tweets created via the API is *MY* business as a
user of the API, and, IMHO, none of theirs. If I and / or my user want a
URL shortened, we'll do it. And if I or my user *DON'T* want it
shortened, then the API should not do it.
If in fact URL shortening is possible via the API, then there should at
least be an option to suppress it.
Jim Renkel
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Yet another reason Twitter should NOT be bit.ly encoding URLs that do
not cause tweets to go > 140 chars. (or at all for that matter, leave
that up to the users)
On Thu, Sep 10, 2009 at 13:42, Matthew Terenzio <mteren...@gmail.com>
Yes, you need to ask twitter to fix that. They are using our api, but
obviously, they are encoding the ")" after the .jpg. Thanks for
letting us know, but yes, this is a twitter issue.

Good luck with that. Since it is acceptable to have the unencoded )
character in a  URL, I don't know how they might interpret that it does
not belong. They can make a good guess at best.

Internets. Serious business.

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