Hi guys,

I don't seem to have found any trace of this report before, so I
thought I should post it.

According to the http://apiwiki.twitter.com/Twitter-REST-API-Method:-friendsĀ ids
documentation, you can actually get the results using any of the
following 4 URIs:



Now, I know this may sound weird or I've just missed this par,  but
the results I'm getting back from the first 2 requests are different
to the ones for the last 2 URIs.

The size of the second result set is significantly smaller than the
first one. As an additional clarification: I am testing these against
an account that doesn't follow more than 5000 users.

2. I have found the first line from the doc a bit confusing:

[q] Returns an array of numeric IDs for every user the specified user
is following.[/q]

I'd suggest rephrasing it to something like:

[q]Returns the array of numeric IDs of all users following the
specified user.[/q]

Looking forward to hearing your comment on the first issue. Thanks in


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