Dear all, I am struggling with a very annoying problem at the moment
and come here in hope that you are able to help me.
my dev env is: apache/passenger/rails2.2.2/mysql/twitter-gem

I have a controller called social that have the following actions:
index, create, finalize, destroy

the create action redirects my user to as follows
def create
  session['rtoken']  = oauth.request_token.token
  session['rsecret'] = oauth.request_token.secret
  redirect_to oauth.request_token.authorize_url

when done this aught to bring me back to my finalize action but
instead my return call is as follows
Completed in 522ms (DB: 8) | 302 Found [
Processing SocialController#show (for at 2009-09-15
17:29:19) [GET]
Parameters: {"action"=>"show", "id"=>"finalize",
"controller"=>"social",  "oauth_token"=>"N...8",

I can't for my life understand why it insists in rendering the show
action instead of executing the finalize action.

in my routes I have defined the following:
  map.resources :social, :member => { :finalize
=> :get }, :path_prefix => '/user'

Any kind of assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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