We specify full URLs to images so that developers don't have to supply
custom code to pull in profile images and background images. It sounds
like you have a pretty unusual use case for our profile images.

For what it's worth, I think we deployed six variations of those
images, but our front end team may deploy more at any time. Similarly,
they may change up the default profile colors and such. That's out of
the control of our team.

On Tue, Sep 15, 2009 at 04:38, timwhitlock
<tim.whitl...@publicreative.com> wrote:
> I notice today that Twitter has created a new default profile pic;
> e.g:
> http://s.twimg.com/a/1252980779/images/default_profile_1_normal.png
> Great. That's broken some of my algorithms on Twitblock.org.
> (identifying re-used images)
> I can fix that. I'll just add the new MD5 to my app config.
> But, wait. Did I spot some different colours?
> Yes, that example is only one; e.g.2:
> http://s.twimg.com/a/1252980779/images/default_profile_2_normal.png
> a. Can Twitter tell use how many there are of these?
> b. How about a user object property "profile_image_default" (true|
> false) ?
> c. How about Twitter start notifying the developer community of
> changes?

Alex Payne - Platform Lead, Twitter, Inc.

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