<<Do You understand the difference between a Twitter website tool that
can make 150 API calls an hour on behalf of your single Twitter
account and a dedicated Twitter .Net application running on your
computer that can make 20,000 API calls an hour across multiple

Isn't exactly accurate.  Except in the sense that politicians use the

On Sep 22, 9:26 am, "Dean Collins" <d...@cognation.net> wrote:
> I'm back baby, bigger and badder than before -www.MyTwitterButler.com
> <http://www.mytwitterbutler.com/>   is nowwww.MyPostButler.com
> <http://www.mypostbutler.com/>   feel free to tweet it on.
> Lawyers suck!
> Cheers,
> Dean
> P.S. No they didn't get the domain, my response was not without a court
> case baby.

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