Hi folks:

I'm adding some Twitter integration to a desktop app, and I'm unhappy
with the whole "copy/paste this PIN into your application" experience.

In my case, I happen to have a browser instance containing the OAuth
authentication process embedded within my desktop app, so it's
possible to listen for redirection events that happen inside that
browser and respond to them -- but when I mark my Twitter app as a
"desktop" app (on the app-settings screen on Twitter, where it's
defined), I'm forced into using the copy-this-PIN approach (because no
callback URL can be specified for desktop apps), which, from a user-
experience perspective, kinda sucks.

I do notice, though, that if I make my app a "web" app instead, I can
specify a callback URL, and have my app watch for redirections to that
URL, which works quite well and provides a more seamless user

So my question is, is there any disadvanage to marking my installed
desktop app a "web" app on Twitter, so I can take advantage of using a
callback URL to provide a better user experience?  Is it a violation
of terms of use or anything?  Any drawbacks at all?

Thanks in advance --


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