Anyone has any idea about this?

I tracked the request it seems that the server doesn't like the fact
that the dot ('.') is also URL encoded. We're using flash AS3 and the
URLVariables class automatically encodes it this way, so for example
if we send "go to"
It comes out as "status=go%20to%20nba%20%2E%20com" in the POST data

The encoding of the . is the only one that fails, all other "special"
url characters work fine.

Thanks in advance.


On Sep 24, 2:24 pm, guytom <> wrote:
> That's weird I know...
> When our application has "." for example "" in the status
> message, the status update API call fails and we get401. other
> requests work fine.
> We use oAuth btw.
> Any ideas?
> GT

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