Hi All,

would it be possible to get an additional API function which delivers
the screennames instead of ID's?

The reason is, I work on a Client App in .NET On Startup I load the
followers, friends and blocked ID's. I use this to show the status
then in my application and enable/ disable the menus with follow/
unfollw DM and so on. So I save expensive API calls (follow someone
which I already follow) which ends in API Errors. So far so good.

Now I try to implement the search API. This delivers me ATOM XML back.
I Try to fill my status object and included User object with the less
informations in delivered ATOM to show it in the same Quality like a
User Timeline. Unfortunately the only thing I have in ATOM result is
the screenname combined with username in one tag. No Problem I resolve
that with RegEx. What urgently is missed is the user ID to compare it
with the followers and friend list of ID's

Now 2 solutions are possible:
1) adding the userID in the search results
2) offer an API call within social graph methods which delivers

In case of 2) I could use the unique screenname as Key. This would be
a disadvantage because of searchroutines work always slower on string.
Better soulution would be to delivers the userID within the

Is there any way to realize this? I do not think that I'm the only one
ho miss this.

Best regards,

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