On that note, is it known if the setting to opt in will be exposed in
the account/update_profile API?

On Oct 4, 4:13 am, Rich <rhyl...@gmail.com> wrote:
> TheGeotag is only populated firstly if the user posting the tweet
> has opted in via Twitter's website (which hasn't been enabled yet) and
> secondlyGeodata was submitted with that tweet
> On Oct 4, 4:41 am, Patrick <kenned...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > I have been reading about the TwitterGeostuff - it all sounds
> > exciting - and I'd like to start playing with it even it's not fully
> > prime time. Supposedly it's available to some extent via the API.  I
> > see the <geo/> tag in my feed, and I wonder how I can "opt in" and get
> > it populated.  Also, can someone provide an example of how the
> > location field could be populated - I have cURL examples to update
> > location, and I have my location info via my Nokia GPS-assisted phone,
> > so I'd like to see an example on now to simulate the future <geo/>
> > feature, i.e., update location field as if it were <geo/>, if I cannot
> > yet opt in to <geo/>.- Hide quoted text -
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