There is going to be a read-only <geo_enabled> flag on the <user>
object that denotes whether or not the user has enabled geolocation.
For security reasons, the user will need to come to to
change the setting.

Best, Ryan

On Fri, Oct 9, 2009 at 8:18 AM, Axthelm <> wrote:
> On that note, is it known if the setting to opt in will be exposed in
> the account/update_profile API?
> On Oct 4, 4:13 am, Rich <> wrote:
>> TheGeotag is only populated firstly if the user posting the tweet
>> has opted in via Twitter's website (which hasn't been enabled yet) and
>> secondlyGeodata was submitted with that tweet
>> On Oct 4, 4:41 am, Patrick <> wrote:
>> > I have been reading about the TwitterGeostuff - it all sounds
>> > exciting - and I'd like to start playing with it even it's not fully
>> > prime time. Supposedly it's available to some extent via the API.  I
>> > see the <geo/> tag in my feed, and I wonder how I can "opt in" and get
>> > it populated.  Also, can someone provide an example of how the
>> > location field could be populated - I have cURL examples to update
>> > location, and I have my location info via my Nokia GPS-assisted phone,
>> > so I'd like to see an example on now to simulate the future <geo/>
>> > feature, i.e., update location field as if it were <geo/>, if I cannot
>> > yet opt in to <geo/>.- Hide quoted text -
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