Are there any plans to include API functionality for retrieving a list
of followers with full info for each? I'm trying to design an app that
will automatically friend protected users back (this is necessary for
the app to work with protected accounts), but automating this requires
first getting a list of follower IDs, then sending a GET request for
the info on each user to see if he/she is a protected account (users/
show). The program updates every 5 minutes, so this behavior quickly
leads to rate limiting, especially if the number of followers reaches
the hundreds or thousands.

Of course, I can probably either friend them back manually or try to
code around this (perhaps saving a .txt file of followers that I've
already processed). However, it would be so much simpler if I could
just retrieve a list of users and user info with a single GET command
(followers/show, perhaps?), then process this info on my end.

Any hope for this anytime soon?

- Matt

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