Ah, embarrassing... I just realized that "statuses/followers" does
exactly what I need. I was unsure whether or not it would return info
for protected users, but it does. Perfect.

Sorry for the original message, all clear now.

- Matt

On Oct 11, 6:48 pm, Matt Diamond <mattbtra...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Are there any plans to include API functionality for retrieving a list
> of followers with full info for each? I'm trying to design an app that
> will automatically friend protected users back (this is necessary for
> the app to work with protected accounts), but automating this requires
> first getting a list of follower IDs, then sending a GET request for
> the info on each user to see if he/she is a protected account (users/
> show). The program updates every 5 minutes, so this behavior quickly
> leads to rate limiting, especially if the number of followers reaches
> the hundreds or thousands.
> Of course, I can probably either friend them back manually or try to
> code around this (perhaps saving a .txt file of followers that I've
> already processed). However, it would be so much simpler if I could
> just retrieve a list of users and user info with a single GET command
> (followers/show, perhaps?), then process this info on my end.
> Any hope for this anytime soon?
> - Matt

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