On Oct 13, 3:33 am, apfelmaennchen <>
> I really find it difficult to understand documentation how to code a
> TWITTER-API in perl. But with a bit "start-help", I think I'll be able
> to proceed.
> Can somebody help me with a sample PERL-code:
> From within a PERL script  ( which has two variables filled with
> strings. names of those VARS are $VAR1, $VAR2) I want to
> a) connect to twitter (lets assume username = "test", password =
> "water")
> b) send a tweet "Hello world $VAR1 {space} $VAR2. This is my first
> test tweet automatically posted from a perl script".
> c) disconnect from twitter
> Maybe you also can give a command-reference, something like "perl
> TWITTER API in a nutshell".
> Very many thanks for your help, Alex

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