The track parameter on the Streaming API will give you all statuses
that match a keyword. When rate-limited, you'll get an accurate count
of the limited statuses. You'll only get accurate results for sets of
keywords if your stream is not limited.

-John Kalucki
Services, Twitter Inc.

On Oct 14, 12:39 pm, miker <> wrote:
> I'm looking for a simple way to count tweets over specific time
> periods, and I have little concern for the tweet contents at this
> time. I've taken a quick look at the Search API and I'm not sure this
> is possible without transferring the tweet contents and counting them
> based on their timestamps.
> For example, I'd like to be able to determine the number of tweets
> with one specific search word each day, and be able to store, and
> later graph the daily results over several months. It would be nice,
> but not essential, to be able to do this with hourly granularity also.
> I'm an embedded systems C programmer, and I can imagine doing this in
> C or some scripting language run on Linux or Windows. With some time
> I'm sure I could code this in C myself, but it would be nice if there
> was some tool(s) already in existence for this.
> Thanks !
> Mike.

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