Thanks John.

I'm mostly interested in using a single keyword at present, but it
would be nice to not have rate-limiting issues with multiple keywords.

I've read the Streaming API page, and I guess I get the ideas there,
although I'm not familiar with the Twitter API terminology yet.

I was hoping to avoid the complexities of dealing with an ongoing
persistent stream of data. I'm also disappointed if there is no other
way to simply get a count of tweets every hour or day etc. without
having to transfer all this content I would simply throw away after
counting. It seems like it would be a waste of bandwidth and CPU on my
end and yours.

I can Google a keyword and get an estimated count of webpages without
having to view every result. It would be nice if Twitter could do
something similar.

I'm also reading the thread on "estimating tweets per day" and I see
that Twitter may want to keep that information confidential. I also
find that disappointing because I'd like to compensate my data for the
growth in Twitter data.


On Oct 14, 4:56 pm, John Kalucki <> wrote:
> The track parameter on the Streaming API will give you all statuses
> that match a keyword. When rate-limited, you'll get an accurate count
> of the limited statuses. You'll only get accurate results for sets of
> keywords if your stream is not limited.

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