This is the new intended behaviour from what I have been told. All
tweets > 140 in length will be silently ignored.
I'm guessing they don't throw an error here yet to not break any
existing clients until they have upgraded.
Eventually I'm sure we will be some sort of 400 error in the future.
For now I'd recommend enforcing the 140 limit
in your software and warn the user if it's too long rather than going
ahead and posting it.


On Tue, Oct 20, 2009 at 9:37 AM, James Tymann <> wrote:
> Has anyone else noticed a change in the way that the 140 character
> limit is enforced via the API? I noticed a change sometime between the
> 13th and the 16th that is now causing all my 140+ character posts to
> be rejected by the API. As of the 13th and earlier if I posted a 140+
> character message to twitter, the urls would be truncated using
>, and then if they were still over 140 characters an ellipsis
> would be added to the end of the message, and by clicking on the
> ellipsis you could see the entirety on the message. I have a service
> that posts to twitter, and in the messages it contains links.  My
> service aims to be under 140 characters once the url(s) are shortened
> by twitter, however none of my posts are going through now.
> Also a side note is that the api is not returning errors, they return
> proper responses however they are the proper response for the current
> status of the account, not the new status that was just attempted to
> be posted.
> I am using C# and the Twitterizer API. Has anyone else noticed this,
> is it a permanent change? a mistake? I am currently trying to learn
> more about why this happened and what my proper response should be.
> Thank you

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