On Fri, Oct 23, 2009 at 02:24:53PM -0700, AJ Chen wrote:
> I noticed this behavior a long time ago (may be a month) and reported the
> problem on this list, but it did not get any response from the api team. I
> thought it was a bug, but just realized yesterday that the api probably
> ignores 140+ chars status update intentionally. but' I'm not sure this is
> the policy or temporary tactic to reduce workload on api. it would be good
> that api team can clasify on this issue. to check if this happens or not,
> you can compare the status sent to api and the status returned from api in
> your application code.

Note that duplicate statuses are silently failing in the same manner as
those over 140 characters.  Aside from the already-mentioned issue of
Twitter doing automatic bit.ly shortening on URLs, comparing the
submitted status to the received status will also produce incorrect
results when the submitted status is rejected for being identical to the
user's most-recent previous status.  Depending on your application,
failure in this scenario may or may not be relevant.

Dave Sherohman

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