I would check the Accept-Language header coming from both boxes, as it COULD
be used to inform the server as to what format to return. That said, it
SHOULD be returning either Unix timestamps or easily parseable ISO formats.

On Wed, Oct 21, 2009 at 09:05, cadams500 <ch...@emaildatasource.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a very odd issue occurring. When I make a request to
> http://twitter.com/account/rate_limit_status.xml from my desktop
> (development) machine the XML returned is in the correct date format:
> 2009-10-21T15:57:56+00:00
> However, when I make a request from my QA box (Linux) the XML being
> returned by the API call is in a different date format:
> 2009-21-10Wed15:59:57+0000
> I have made a call directly to
> http://twitter.com/account/rate_limit_status.xml
> using Lynx on the box and here are the results: 150 150
> 2009-21-10Wed15:59:57+0000 1256140797 ---- notice the incorrect date
> format?
> Does anybody have any idea why this is happening and why the API is
> returning different date formats?
> Thanks.
> Chris Adams

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