There are plans to expose a description field eventually.

On Wed, Oct 21, 2009 at 9:59 AM, nipunj <> wrote:
> Hey Marcel,
> I expect there were many things cut in Lists v1,... but, that said, I
> am surprised that Title is essentially the only attribute on the List
> object that informs the consumer what a Public List is intended to
> actually represent. There's no "bio" analog. IMO, this lack of
> explicit descriptive attributes hamstrings Lists discovery. How about
> "tags", "description", "list type", etc.?
> Also,... I understand your need to test out the API right now, but
> you've created inequity with the private API access. How can folks
> like us, who have an app that's closely related to Lists, get access
> to the Lists API (ie create a level playing field)?
> Thanks,
> Nipun
> @nipj
> @tweeppacks

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