I agree with the idea, since I too have this need, but I think that
you'll still need to check the existence of matches in filtered stream
results. The algorithm used by this API doesn't always return what
you'd expect or need, such as making sure the matches are separate
words, or they are used in the right context or position. Even if the
API told me what it matched, I'd still want to parse each tweet myself
to prevent false positives.

On Nov 3, 4:53 am, Fabien Penso <fabienpe...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi.
> Would it be possible to include the matched keywords in another field
> within the result from the streaming/keyword API?
> It would prevent matching those myself when matching for multiple
> internal users, to spread the tweets to the legitimate users, which
> can be time consuming and tough to do on lots of users/keywords.
> Thanks.

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