Zaudio wrote:
> I actually totally prefer time's to all be UNC / GMT as they are
> now...
And that won't change obviously. Messages would be marked with both
times (poster's and reader's)

> it's the same erevywhere, and very easily converted to local timezones
> for display - which is what I imagine most end users want to see...

Again, that won't change of course. But it may be preferable to have
both timestamps displayed.

> they don't want to be working out timezones from around the world in
> their heads!

That's the main point of my suggestion! It helps avoiding the need of
making calculation to know at what time a Tweet has been posted
according to the poster's timezone. It doesn't make sense to see that
Jeff said Good morning at 12:30 even though it was 06:30 for him... Of
course for a personal timeline I will need to have the 13:30
information, but I would appreciate to have a mention of Jeff's timezone
somewhere. For now, I must calculate each post's timestamp, whether it
comes from India, Switzerland, New-York or Australia...

> If tweets all start having variable timezones, it is just another
> thing that has to be calculated around to get times into the local
> timezone for end users.
> I am not going to repeat myself...

I still believe this feature would emphasize the international impact of
Twitter and improve the user experience.

What do you think?


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