by trend explanations, do you mean

Have you considered embedding some "explanation" field for each trend
the way Brizzly does it, or would you rather let such clients handle
this? I imagine the real problem for Twitter would be curating trend

We've heard from lots of users that trending topics, as seen on the homepage and on, are a fun way to
figure out what's going on in the Twitter-verse at this very instant.
The one feature request that we've heard over and over, however, is
"what's going on where I am?".  To answer that, we wanted to give you
all a heads up regarding the new "Trends API" that we're launching.
This API will open up trending information that is specific to a
number of locations around the world.

At a high level, there will be two new endpoints:

* an endpoint to give a listing of all locations that trends are
available for, and
* an endpoint to actually allow you to query by a specific location.

We're using Yahoo!'s Where on Earth IDs (WOEIDs) to name each location
that we have information for -- we're doing so because those IDs give
not only language-agnostic, but also permanent, stable, and unique
identifiers for geographic locations.  For example, San Francisco has
a permanent and unique WOEID of2487956, London has 44418, and the
Earth has WOEID 1.  You can find out more about those IDs 
.  The EXAMPLES section at the bottom of the documentation's landing
page shows an example of how to find out the WOEID of a specific place.

To start reading through the documentation, check out: ...

It should be noted that at launch, unlike the trends that are
available by the search API, these localized trends will not be rolled
up into daily and weekly trends.  Those rollups may come in a future

Raffi Krikorian
Twitter Platform Team | @raffi

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