> have you considered adding a mechanism for sending a sort of "direct
> message" to a list?
> This would allow users to send targeted tweets to a list (provided the
> user is a member of the list). It could be incredibly useful. For
> example tweets on a specific topic could be targeted to a selected
> interest group, without bothering your general followers.
> Currently the only granularity provided is "whole world" (tweet) and
> "single recipient" (direct message), but this would allow new use cases,
> for example something similar to a mailing list.

Not wild about this, because people don't subscribe to lists, the list
subscribes to them. I'd hate to receive DMs from someone who added me to
@spammer/spammy_spam, for example; I didn't ask for that.

Unless what you're asking is to send DMs to people who *follow* that list?
I'm not wild about that either, since I may have no interest in the actual
person who made the list, but I'm less opposed to that than the former.

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