> What I mean is that a tweet directed to a list (by a member of that
> list) will show up
> (a) in the tweet timeline of that list,
> (b) and hence also in the friends_timeline of the followers of the list,
> (c) but NOT in the user_timeline of the poster.
> It differs from a regular tweet in point (c) only.
> It is a mechanism to narrow the audience, not widen it, so there is no
> spamming opportunity.

The thing I'm not getting is that I don't decide what lists I'm a member of;
I get added to them by the owner of that list. If @spammymcspammer adds me
to @spammymcspammer/spammy_spam, then anyone on that list can then start
sending me messages *unless* you also have the proviso that you must follow
the list to receive such 'directed tweets'. Is that what you're proposing?

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