I am also getting complaints from users who cannot authenticate via
the API with the same credentials that they use when logging on to

Has the change, which limits invalid credentials lockout to a specific
IP address, perhaps been accidentally rolled back?


On Nov 14, 5:55 am, artesea <ryancul...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm still using HTTP requests to login via the API with a private dabr
> install I've got running. However I'm getting a large number of "401 -
> Could not authenticate you" when I try to sign in.
> I recently changed my password on Twitter, however I have no problems
> login on the main site, viahttp://dabr.co.uk/and other still using
> I see able to login with other usernames fine on my own install, and
> the 401 don't always appear.
> It's happening on every machine I use, and all the cookies have been
> wiped multiple times.
> Before I end up pulling my code apart, are they any issues with
> changed passwords and HTTP auth requests?

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