Is this still occurring?  We saw a spike in odd authentication issues,
but it appears to be a transient thing that sorted itself out.  If
this is still an issue I will investigate further.


On Sat, Nov 14, 2009 at 6:43 PM, Dewald Pretorius <> wrote:
> I am also getting complaints from users who cannot authenticate via
> the API with the same credentials that they use when logging on to
> Has the change, which limits invalid credentials lockout to a specific
> IP address, perhaps been accidentally rolled back?
> Dewald
> On Nov 14, 5:55 am, artesea <> wrote:
>> I'm still using HTTP requests to login via the API with a private dabr
>> install I've got running. However I'm getting a large number of "401 -
>> Could not authenticate you" when I try to sign in.
>> I recently changed my password on Twitter, however I have no problems
>> login on the main site, via other still using
>> HTTP.
>> I see able to login with other usernames fine on my own install, and
>> the 401 don't always appear.
>> It's happening on every machine I use, and all the cookies have been
>> wiped multiple times.
>> Before I end up pulling my code apart, are they any issues with
>> changed passwords and HTTP auth requests?

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