1) Search API returns 15 pages in 59+ seconds. Two weeks ago this was
less than 10 seconds. I sent @ej a tweet last week.

just for reference - in the future, please file a bug on the google code tracker rather than sending @replies directly to twitter folk. we're better able to keep track of issues when recorded there.

2) 503 Service Unavailable - increasing frequency {I'm now recording a
log to examine which searches this occurs with} {seems "to:xxx" is
most frequent fail}

that's interesting. i would suggest also looking at the streaming API rather than repeatedly accessing search.

3) "Unauthenticated API calls are deducted from the calling IP
address' allotment." - This makes sharing an IP address with other
users difficult. In my app, I will adjust my delays.

yeah - there is no other way to rate limit, i believe.

For future use of my app, say in a large company, will the company
need to have their IP whitelisted?

we would need to whitelist something, for a large company. in addition, as mentioned above, i would suggest starting to look at the streaming API.

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