The count parameter isn't enabled on the default access level, on any
sampled stream or any elevated track role. So, that leaves the
firehose and follow methods.

-John Kalucki
Services, Twitter Inc.

On Nov 12, 11:25 am, Anthony Bruni <> wrote:
> We have a Shadow client using thestreamingAPIinvokingstatuses/filtermethod.  
> We are trying to use thecountparameterto implement
> "catch-up" logic for recovering from lost connectivity.  Withcount
> specified, we get a 200 OK back but theparameterseems to be
> ignored.  We searched and found a document 
> at
> suggesting thatcountmay only be supported for firehose, though we
> are not getting HTTP status 416 like that guy did.  The wiki page 
> at seems to
> saycountis supported.  Can you please clarify whether thecountparameteris 
> respected instatuses/filtermethod?
> Thanks,
> Tony Bruni
> Alacra Inc.

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