There are three different rate limits that apply to API usage

1) Your IP rate limit (used when making unauthenticated calls)
2) Your account rate limit (used when making authenticated calls)
3) Your search rate limit (used when making search calls)

This is covered in the wiki, but it isn't highlighted, so it's easy to
miss.  Check out this page,
particularly the part about the API separation, and this page, particularly the bit about
search API rate limiting.

Note that whitelisting for search is possible, but isn't given out as
freely as whitelisting for the REST API.


On Wed, Nov 18, 2009 at 6:47 PM, Greg <> wrote:
> Well the title explains it all. Every 15 minutes - my app gets 503
> errors from the search api. Now reading the the documentation - this
> would indicate a rate limit for Search - which is impossible due to
> the whitelist for my IP. The Whitelist provides 20,000 API for a hour
> - we make about 360 API calls per hour (Search refreshes every 20
> seconds, calls 2 feeds) - so there is no way we would even come close
> to the error.
> The math:
> Two Search API Feeds - running every 20 seconds = 6 times per minute *
> 60 minutes = 360 calls.
> Is this excessive?
> Is anyone else experiencing this issue?
> Thanks,
> Greg

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