Unless I'm missing something here, this is the single worst (and only)
degradation of service  Twitter has ever put in place. A big step
backwards for three reasons - 1) It completely ignores the concept of
relationship building, 2) it promotes elitist arrogance on Twitter,
and 3) it will increase meaningless RTs exponentially - What am I
missing here on what's good about this?

Ignoring Relationship Building
People gravitate toward people they enjoy communicating with - that's
how we build friends in any context.  One of the main ways I find
people I want to meet is that they like what I say, and more often
than not, an RT tells me they like what I say, and I do the same for
them.  To keep me from being able to see people who like what I say
removes one of the best ways of building relationships Twitter has.  I
NEED to see an RT from people who aren't following me to help me build
my business.

Elitist Arrogance
Being annoyed by people retweeting you is like an author being annoyed
that people showed up at their book signing - how elitist to turn up
your nose at people who like what you say.  Gee, sorry about that.
This mindset doesn't want to build relationships but just wants to be
able to count how many faceless, nameless people RT them - how
arrogant is that?

Increased Meaningless RT Traffic
Before this feature, you actually had to do a little work to RT -
copy, paste, put RT in front of it and send.  Ouch - that's a lot of
work.  But that tiny bit of work kept people from senselessly RT'ing
just to gain followers - it was too cumbersome to use effectively for
spamming.  Now by the simple push of a button people will be RT'ing
like changing TV channels w/ a remote, and you won't really know if it
meant enough to them to put a little effort into building that
relationship with you - just stop holding your finger up and let it
fall - that really shows a how much that comment meant to you?

Twitter started out as a tool to build relationships.  It has become
less and less personal.  This new RT'ing feature reduces your ability
to build relationships, plays to the arrogant elite, and makes it
easier for people to use RT'ing and 10 different ghost accounts to
spam people to death.  And this is an upgrade?  Hmmm.... not seeing
it.  Facebook is starting to look good all of a sudden.

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