I have been using the Twitter Search API to query the public line for
Twitter status updates originating out of a particular location.
Currently, I run one search every 15 minutes using an automated
script. However I have found that the search results returned contain
a number of old search results . An average of 30 new tweets come up
for my location every 5 minutes or so. Therefore this shouldn't be the
case. Also Results for the same search criteria using
search.twitter.com show different results, with no repeats of old
search results. Any idea why this is so ?

i don't have a direct answer for this, however, if you are polling search every 15 minutes -- then this seems like a clear reason for you to switch over to the streaming API instead.


A second question is regarding published date. Is the published date
returned by the search API in GMT ? If so, is there any way to have
the search API return the published date as per local time ?

the created_at strings in the search API look like

"created_at":"Fri, 27 Nov 2009 00:06:44 +0000"

the +0000 is the timezone. no, there is no way to ask search to return those values in local time -- just do the conversion yourself when you receive the status objects.

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Twitter Platform Team
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