Hey Ryan
I think I've found the problem. Our app was making two calls to get a
request token in very quick succession which resulted in the same
I think this explains the 401, so not an IP problem at all.
Sorry if I wasted your time.

On Nov 26, 10:16 am, timwhitlock <tim.whitl...@publicreative.com>
> Thanks Ryan.
> The IP that results in failures is
> I've run the exact same code on three other servers and the response
> is fine.
> We recently mucked about with some DNS settings, so perhaps you run
> some kind of reverse lookup, and something looks suspicious?
> Let me know if there's anything I can sort out there. The IP is
> static, but it's not a hosting provider. This is our office
> development server's public facing address.
> Tim.

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