As long as you are building an AIR app you are okay, but if you're
working in Flex and intending to put the result online somewhere, it's
not going to work. This is due to Twitter's unfortunate ongoing
blocking of Flash apps by using a restrictive crossdomain.xml policy.
There is no way right now for a Flash application to make requests of
anything other than the search API, unless you use a proxy, which is
very lame.

Here are some recent threads discussing crossdomain issues with the

On Nov 26, 9:31 pm, Wilfred yau <> wrote:
> I think you are using Basic Auth to login, but it don't work well in
> Flex,
> you should try to use OAuth that have better support on Flex.
> any you can use some library to help you finish the 
> project:
> sample code is including in the library.
> On Nov 26, 9:27 pm, Jef <> wrote:
> > Hey guys
> > I'm building an application for a school project where I should be
> > able to do everything you can on, but make it accessible
> > on the desktop (AIR project)
> > But I have absolutely no clue how I can login as a user and update my
> > status. I've looked at the API documentation, but so far it's been
> > nothing but Chinese to me :P
> > Retrieving search information and other timelines is no problem
> > though, it's just the status update part that's been bothering me :D
> > I'd love to get some help on this.
> > Thanks in advance!
> > Jef

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