Responses to questions below. Hope it helps.


>> should i get request token everytime user want to login ?

You must fetch a request token when ever you begin a new OAuth handshake.
You need this to build the authorization redirect url which sends the user to
twitter to authorize your application.

>> should user enter pin code everytime ?

The user must provide you with the PIN code if you are not using callback URLs.
This being a j2me application, you will probably just be using the PIN
method, so
you don't need to worry about callbacks for now.

>> should i get access token everytime ?

No. Once the user has authorized you just re-use the access token. The only time
you need to re-do the handshake is if the access token gets revoked.

>> if no, how to authenticate user ? should i save the access token on my
>> database ?

You wil want to probably store the access token on the device. So when
ever you application
accesses twitter look to see if you have an access token. If not do
the OAuth handshake.

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